Administração de Sistemas Informáticos


The Informatics Department of Sciences Faculty of Lisbon University has a proxy service for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP connections, authorized to Professors, Employees and Guests

The use of proxy servers let you have the advantage of a high level of security and connection performance.
The server keeps a copy of the last web accesses, avoiding delays inherent to external accessing.

Configuration for Professores, Employees and Guests


  • Control Panel
  • Network and Internet
  • Internet Options
  • Connections
  • LAN Settings
  • Use A proxy server for your LAN
  • Address: Port:3128


  • Firefox Preferences
  • Network
  • Connection Settings
  • Manual proxy configuration
  • HTTP Proxy: Port:3128
  • Select: Use this proxy for all protocols


  • Apple menu
  • System Preferences
  • Network
  • Choose the network service you use from the list
  • Advanced
  • Proxies
  • Select each HTTP, HTTPS and FTP and config with

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